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    The '''A2100''' is a communications satellite spacecraft made by Lockheed Martin Space Systems for telecommunications in geosynchronous orbit
    The Lockheed Martin A2100 geosynchronous spacecraft series is designed for a variety of telecommunications needs including Ka-band broadband and broadcast services fixed satellite services in C-band and Ku-band payload configurations high-power direct broadcast services using the Ku-band frequency spectrum and mobile satellite services using UHF L-band and S-band payloads skyrocketde "Lockheed Martin: A2100"
    Lockheed Martin's highly reliable A2100 telecommunications satellite series has received several industry awards for reliability in its history including Frost and Sullivan's Satellite Reliability Award for excellence in the production of flexible and reliable communications satellites used in geosynchronous Earth orbit wwwspacedailycom "Lockheed Martin Built EchoStar X Satellite Launched Successfully"
    The A2100 series is modular and can be configured in different sizes:
    • A2100A = 1 to 4 kW
    • A2100AX = 4 to x kW
    • A2100AXS: enhanced A2100AX
    • A2100AXX : stretched version for mobile communications
    • Additionally there is a A2100M version which fullfills military requirements