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Ancient Warfare (magazine)

    Ancient Warfare is a glossy, bi-monthly military history magazine published by the Dutch publishing company Karwansaray. The founding and current magazine editor (as of 2008) is Jasper Oorthuys.
    Most of the magazine's feature articles focus on a central theme per issue: a general, campaign or more abstract phenomenon such as sieges. Every theme is introduced and put in its historical setting by the editor. A second article discusses a relevant source for this theme, e.g. a historical narrative or an archaeological source. The theme is then fleshed out by articles on warriors, battles and generals that fit that issue's theme.
    The magazine also includes news, reader letters, a quiz and features brief reviews of relevant books, games and models. The illustrations include original artwork, maps and photographs of artifacts. Online free features of the magazine include the editor's blog and a podcast which is published to coincide with the magazine themes.
    The magazine is registered as ISSN 1874-7019.

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