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Atrichous bacteria

    Flagellatiion Bacterial cell shows a prokaryotic structure1:FlagellationThe pattern of flagellar arrangement (flagellation) is a good identification mark in bacteria Flagella are either confined to the pole or poles or it may be present alround the body of the bacterium However bacteria can be grouped as under on the basis of flagellation:Bacterial FlagellationA Atrichous BMonotrichous C. Flagellation D. Amphitrichous ELophotrichous FPeritrichousAtrichous - Bacteria that lack flagellaMonotrichous - Single flagellum on either of the poles of the bacterial cellAmphitrichous - One flagellum or more on each pole of the bacterial cellLophotrichous - Flagella in groups present on one pole of the bacteriumPeritrichous - Flagella present allround the body of the bacterial cell2:Cell wall : They are considered plants due to the presence of cell wallIt is about 100-250{Armstrongs}it is made of peptidoglycogenalso known as murein or mucopeptide The cell wall of gram positive bacteria is characterised by the presence of teconic acid The cell wall is permeable to water and ions of small molecules