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    Image:Cauter DSC09457.jpg|right|thumb|Hot cauters were applied to tissues or arteries to stop them from bleeding
    Cauterization is the burning of the body to remove or close a part of it. It is sometimes done for medical reasons as to treat some kind of wound in an area for instance or sometimes performed as a recreational body modification The main form of cauterization is electrocautery
    Accidental burns can be considered cauterization as well
    Cauterization was used to stop heavy bleeding especially during amputationsSpecial medical instruments called cauters were used to cauterize arteries Ambroise Paré introduced the technique of ligature of the arteries in lieu of cauterization
    Cauterization is used very sparingly today such as to stop bleeding in nasal areas and to get rid of skin disorders such as warts During open-heart surgery cauterization is used to close the many blood vessels in the cavity as well as remove vessals to be used for coronary artery bypass surgery
    Nasal Cauterization: If a person has been having frequent nose bleeds it is most likely caused by an exposed blood vessel in their nose Even if the nose is not bleeding at the time it is cauterized to prevent future bleeding The different methods of cauterization include burning the affected area with acid hot metal lasers or silver nitrate People often find such a procedure painful