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Chach Nama

    The Chach-Nama is a Muslim chronicle. It is also known as the Tarikh-i Hind Wa Sind. It was translated from the original Arab to Persian by Muhammad Ali bin Hamid bin Abu Bakr Kufi. The book is a history of the Arab conquest of South Asia, and also contains an account of the invasion by Muhammad bin Qasim.
    The work describes that many of the people in Sind were Buddhists, later muslim chronicles that were written after the decline and extinction of Buddhism don't mention the Buddhist monks anymore.
    The work mentions many different names of places, but the geographical location of these places is not always known.
    Later muslim chronicles like the Nizamu-d din Ahmad, Nuru-l Hakk, Firishta and the Mir Ma'sum draw their account of the Arab conquest from the Chach-Nama.