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Character arc

A '''character arc''' is the status of the character as it unfolds throughout the story the storyline or series of episodes Since the definition of character arc arc on the character it is generally equated as the emotional change of the character within the narrative Characters begin the story with a certain viewpoint and through events in the story that viewpoint changes and it makes them better worse or just given a new perspective Character arc arc are evident in character drama or in subplots Some examples include:
  • In Tootsie Dustin Hoffman’s character begins as a misogynistic chauvinist but when he is forced to play the part of a woman he also experiences a change in how he views women and becomes a different character by the end

  • In Empire of the Sun Jim begins as a carefree young boy After the Japanese take over Shanghai and he is separated from his family he is forced to suffer trauma because of the war

  • In The Godfather Michael Corleone at first does not want to have anything to do with his father’s crime business When his father is attacked and barely survives Michael realizes of his love for his father and begins a war of retribution on those responsible

Unlike a story arc the character arc arc is not within the limits of one story The character arc arc may over to the next story a sequel or another episode In episodic TV series the character arc arc has the hook with which the writers use to ensure viewers continue watching
  • Over the course of the Star Wars prequel trilogy Anakin Skywalker goes from a protector of the Old Republic to becoming corrupted by Palpatine and in the end he becomes the villainous Darth Vader

  • In Smallville Peter Ross learns of Clark Kent’s secret and over the season and the next he finds out he could not keep up with the pressure of keeping his friend’s secret and leaves