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Charchika Temple

    This is one of the oldest Shakta place in Orissa Maa Charchika devi is the prime goddess This temple is situated on Ruchika Parbat on the bed of the Renuka riverIn the small town of Banki in Cuttack districtThe Renuka river was created by the flood of 1982 It's believed that one divotee who worshiped Maa Charchika devi after pleasing her took away all ornaments of Maa Charchika and build a house where River Renuka is currently flowing As Maa Charchika was not happy so she created this River Renuka to punish him and to make him home less This temple is situated in the heart of Banki It's good to visit the temple at the time of Dasara a Hindu festival in the month of October thousands of divotee used to come to get the blessing Kumarpurnima a Hindu festival celebrated 5 days after Dusshera is very famous hereIt is believed that the Charchika devi idol was created by Parsuram One of the devotees of Ram chandra