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Cyber Conversion Unit

    '''Cyber Conversion Unit'''
    A Cyber Conversion Unit is a machine that turns humans into CybermenTihs machine has been seen in BBC sci fi Doctor Who and spin-off TorchwoodThe machine consists of 4 mechanichal limbs that have the components needed for conversion They are:2 saws on one limb6 knives1 laser1 injector
    According to a transcript on the Torchwood website these machines understood humans more delicately than anyone could imagineThe process of conversion was very painful to say the least; all of those converted not under the influence of the earpod would scream as the sparks fly
    Doctor WhoThe Conversion Units appear in Doctor Who on 3 occasions In the Rise of the Cybermen we get a very brief glimpse of the units In The Age of Steel we see that Battersea Power Station's huge rooms are being used as mass conversion chambers as we can see huge numbers of those machinesIn Doomsday it becomes clear that through the acts of the Torchwood Institute the parallel Earth Cybermen have managed to infiltrate Torchwood One aka Canary Wharf It is also apparant that the Cybermen managed to build a Cyber Conversion Unit using Earth technology This Machine might have been dodgy as when Yvonne Hartman was upgraded she still retained some of her human personality
    TorchwoodIn Torchwood it was reavealed that when the Cybermen were desperate for troops in 'The Battle Of Canary Wharf' instead of transplanting brains the Cybermen begun to graft the components directly onto bodies We also see that 'subjects' are now strapped down to a tableIn this episode only 3 people are seen trying to be converted Dr Tanizaki was killed after his upgrade merely 'failed'Cyber components were grafted on clumsily Gwen Cooper nearly had the process begun but the power was shut down before it had begunLast Lisa Hallett the 'Cyberwoman' transplanted a brain with a pizza girl