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Dictionary of chemical formulas

    This is a list of chemical compounds indexed by formula and showing the name of each formula


    AgAsS2 silver(I) arsenic(III) sulfide
    AgAsSe2 silver(I) arsenic(III) selenide
    AgAsTe2 silver(I) arsenic(III) telluride
    AgBiS2 silver(I) bismuth(III) sulfide
    AgBiSe2 silver(I) bismuth(III) selenide
    AgBiTe2 silver(I) bismuth(III) telluride
    AgBr silver(I) bromide
    AgCHOO silver(I) formate
    AgCN silver(I) cyanide
    AgCl silver(I) chloride
    AgClO3 silver(I) chlorate
    AgClO4 silver perchlorate
    AgI silver(I) iodide
    AgIO3 silver iodate
    AgNO3 silver(I) nitrate
    AgO silver(II) oxide
    AgOH silver hydroxide
    AgSbS2 silver(I) antimony(III) sulfide
    AgSbSe2 silver(I) antimony(III) selenide
    AgSbTe2 silver(I) antimony(III) telluride
    AgVO3 silver(I) metavanadate
    Ag2CO3 silver(I) carbonate
    Ag2CrO4 silver chromate
    Ag2Cr2O7 silver dichromate
    Ag2O silver(I) oxide
    Ag2SO4 silver sulfate
    Ag2Se silver(I) selenide
    Ag2Te silver(I) telluride
    Ag2WO4 silver(I) orthotungstate
    Ag2ZrO3 silver(I) metazirconate
    Ag3AsO4 silver arsenate
    Ag8GeS6 silver germanium sulfide argyrodite
    AlAs aluminum arsenide
    AlBr3 aluminum bromide
    AlBr3 * 6H2O aluminum bromide - hexahydrate
    AlCl3 aluminum chloride
    AlCl3 * 6H2O aluminum chloride - hexahydrate
    Al1I3 aluminum iodide
    Al(OH)3 aluminum hydroxide
    AlO2- aluminate ion
    AlPO4 aluminum phosphate
    Al2O3 aluminum oxide alumina
    Al2(SeO3)3 aluminum selenite
    Al2(SeO4)3 aluminum selenate
    Al2(Si4O10)(OH)2 pyrophyllite (mica)
    Al2(TeO3)3 aluminum tellurite
    Al2(TeO4)3 aluminum tellurate
    Al2(TiO3)3 aluminum titanate
    AsBr3 arsenic(III) bromide
    AsCl3 arsenic(III) chloride
    AsH3 arsine
    AsI3 arsenic(III) iodide
    AsO43- orthoarsenate ion
    AsS arsenic(II) sulfide realgar
    As2O3 arsenic(III) oxide white arsenic
    As2O5 arsenic(V) oxide
    As2O5 * xH2O arsenic(V) oxide - hydrate
    As2S3 arsenic(III) sulfide orpiment
    As2S5 arsenic(V) sulfide
    As2Se3 arsenic(III) selenide
    As2Se5 arsenic(V) selenide
    As2Te3 arsenic(III) telluride arsenic(V) telluride
    AuCl gold(I) chloride
    AuI gold(I) iodide
    [1](NO3)3 tetraamminegold(III) nitrate
    Au(OH)3 gold(III) hydroxide
    Au(O2CCH3)3 gold(III) acetate
    [2]Cl triethylphosphine gold(I) chloride
    [3]Cl triphenylphosphine gold(I) chloride
    AuTe2 gold telluride
    Au2O3 gold(III) oxide


    BAsO4 boron(III) arsenate
    BBr3 boron(III) bromide
    BN boron nitride
    B(OH)3 boric acid
    BP boron(III) phosphide
    BPO4 boron(III) orthophosphate
    B2H6 boron hydride
    B2O3 boron(III) oxide
    Ba(AlO2)2 barium aluminate
    Ba(AsO4)2 barium arsenate
    Ba(BrO3)2 * H2O barium bromate - monohydrate
    Ba(BrO3)2 * 2H2O barium bromate - dihydrate
    BaBr2 barium bromide
    BaCO3 barium carbonate
    BaCrO4 barium chromate
    BaF2 barium fluoride
    BaI2 barium iodide
    BaMoO4 barium molybdate
    BaNb2O6 barium metaniobate
    BaO barium oxide
    BaO2 barium peroxide
    Ba(SCN)2 * H2O barium thiocyanate; monohydrate
    BaSO4 barium sulfate
    BaSeO3 barium selenite
    BaSeO4 barium selenate
    BaSiO3 barium metasilicate
    BaTeO3 barium tellurite
    BaTeO4 * 3H2O barium tellurate - trihydrate
    BaTiO3 barium titanate barium metatitanate
    BaWO4 barium orthotungstate
    Ba2V2O7 barium pyrovanadate
    Ba2XeO6 barium perxanate
    Ba3N2 barium nitride
    Ba3(PO4)2 barium orthophosphate
    BeCl2 beryllium chloride
    BiBO3 bismuth(III) orthoborate
    BiBr3 bismuth(III) bromide
    Bi(C2H3O2)3 bismuth(III) acetate
    BiCl3 bismuth(III) chloride
    BiI3 bismuth(III) iodide
    Bi(NO3)3 * 5H2O bismuth(III) nitrate - pentahydrate
    BiOCl bismuth(III) oxychloride
    BiOI bismuth(III) oxyiodide
    BiPO4 bismuth(III) orthophosphate
    Bi(VO3)5 bismuth(III) metavanadate
    Bi2(MoO4)3 bismuth(III) molybdate
    Bi2O3 bismuth(III) oxide
    Bi2S3 bismuth(III) sulfide bismuthinite
    Bi2Se3 bismuth(III) selenide
    Bi2Te3 bismuth(III) telluride
    Bi2(WO4)3 bismuth(III) orthotungstate
    BrCl bromine chloride
    BrO3- bromate ion
    Br2 bromine


    CCl2F2 dichlorodifluoromethane freon-12
    CCl4 carbon tetrachloride
    CHO2- formate ion
    CH2CHCHCH2 13-butadiene
    CH2CO ketene
    CH2ClCOOH chloroacetic acid
    CH2OHCH2OH ethylene glycol
    CH3CCH propyne
    CH3CHCHCH3 2-butene
    CH3CHCH2 propene
    CH3CHO acetaldehyde
    CH3CH2COOH propionic acid
    CH3CH2OH ethanol
    CH3COCH3 acetone
    CH3CONH2 acetamide
    CH3COO- acetate ion
    CH3COOH acetic acid
    CH3I methyl iodide
    CH3OCH3 dimethyl ether
    CH3OH methanol
    (CH3)2CHOH isopropyl alcohol
    (CH3)2CO acetone
    (CH3)2NNH2 dimethyl hydrazine
    (CH3)3CCl t-butyl chloride
    (CH3)3COH t-butyl alcohol
    (CH3)3COOC(CH3)3 di-t-butyl peroxide DTBP
    CH4 methane natural gas
    CN- cyanide ion
    CNO- cyanide ion
    CO carbon monoxide
    COCl2 phosgene
    CO2 carbon dioxide
    CO32- carbonate
    C2H2 acetylene
    C2H3Cl vinyl chloride
    C2H3O2- acetate ion
    C2H4 ethylene
    C2H4Cl2 ethylene dichloride
    C2H4O2 acetic acid
    C2H5NH2 ethylamine
    C2H5NO2 glycine
    C2H5O- ethoxide ion
    C2H5OH ethanol ethyl alcohol
    (C2H5)2NH diethylamine
    C2H6 ethane
    C2O42- oxalate ion
    C3H3O4- malonate ion
    C3H5(NO3)3 nitroglycerine
    C3H6 propylene
    C3N3(OH)3 cyanuric acid
    C3N12 cyanuric triazide
    C4H7NO4 aspartic acid
    C4H9OH butyl alcohol
    C4H10 butane
    C4H10O diethyl ether
    C5H4NCOOH niacin
    C5H5- cyclopentadienyl anion
    C5H5N pyridine
    C6F5COOH pentafluorobenzoic acid
    C6H5CHO benzaldehyde
    C6H5CH2OH benzyl alcohol
    C6H5COO- benzoate ion
    C6H5COOH benzoic acid
    C6H5O73- citrate ion
    (C6H5)4Ge tetraphenylgermane
    C6H6 benzene
    C6H8O7 citric acid
    C6H13NO N-ethylmorpholine
    C6H14 hexane
    C7H8 toluene
    C7H16 heptane
    C8H9NO2 acetaminophen
    C8H18 octane
    C9H8O4 acetylsalicilic acid aspirin
    C10H8 naphthalene
    C10H15ON ephedrine
    C10H16O camphor
    C12H10 biphenyl
    C12H22O11 sucrose
    C13H10O benzophenone
    C13H12O β-ionone
    C14H10 anthracene
    C14H18N2O5 aspartame
    C18H32O2 linoleic acid
    C18H36O2 stearic acid
    C20H24O2N2 quinine
    C60 buckminsterfullerene
    CaBr2 calcium bromide
    CaBr2 * 2H2O calcium bromide - dihydrate
    CaBr2 * 6H2O calcium bromide - hexahydrate
    Ca(CN)2 calcium cyanide
    CaCO3 limestone calcium carbonate
    CaC2 calcium carbide
    CaC2O4 calcium oxalate
    CaCl2 calcium chloride
    CaCuSi4O10 Egyptian blue
    CaF2 calcium fluoride fluorite
    CaHPO4 * 2H2O calcium orthophosphate - dihydrate
    CaH2 calcium hydride
    CaMoO4 calcium molybdate
    Ca(NbO3)2 calcium metaniobate
    CaO quicklime calcium oxide
    CaO * MgO dolomite
    Ca(OCl)2 calcium hypochlorite
    Ca(OH)2 calcium hydroxide
    Ca(SCN)2 * 3H2O calcium thiocyanate - trihydrate
    CaSO4 calcium sulfate whiskers crystal
    CaSO4 * 2H2O gypsum
    CaSeO3 calcium selenite
    CaSeO4 calcium selenate
    CaSiO3 calcium metasilicate
    CaTeO3 calcium tellurite
    CaTeO4 calcium tellurate
    CaTiO3 calcium titanate calcium metatitanate
    Ca(VO3)2 calcium metavanadate
    Ca(VO4)2 calcium orthovanadate
    CaWO4 calcium orthotungstate
    Ca2Mg5(Si4O11)2(OH)2 tremolite (asbesto)
    Ca2SiO4 calcium orthosilicate
    Ca5(PO4)3F fluorapatite phosphate rock
    CdBr2 cadmium bromide
    CdBr2 * 2H2O cadmium bromide - dihydrate
    CdBr2 * 4H2O cadmium bromide - tetrahydrate
    Cd(CHO2)2 * 2H2O cadmium formate - dihydrate
    CdCO3 cadmium carbonate
    CdC2O4 cadmium oxalate
    Cd(ClO4)2 * xH2O cadmium perchlorate - hydrate
    CdCl2 cadmium chloride
    CdCl2 * 25H2O cadmium chloride - dihemihydrate
    CdF2 cadmium fluoride
    CdI cadmium iodide
    CdMoO4 cadmium molybdate
    Cd(NO3)2 * 4H2O cadmium nitrate - tetrahydrate
    CdO cadmium oxide
    Cd(OH)2 cadmium hydroxide
    CdS cadmium sulfide greenockite
    CdSO3 cadmium sulfite
    CdSe cadmium selenide
    CdSeO3 cadmium selenite
    CdSeO4 * 2H2O cadmium selenate - dihydrate
    Cd(TaO3)2 cadmium metatantalate
    CdTe cadmium telluride
    CdTeO4 cadmium tellurate
    CdWO4 cadmium orthotungstate
    CdZrO3 cadmium metazirconate
    Cd2Nb2O7 cadmium pyroniobate
    Cd3As2 cadmium arsenide
    Cd3(PO4)2 cadmium orthophosphate
    ClCH2COOH chloroacetic acid
    ClO- hypochlorite ion
    ClO2 chlorine dioxide
    ClO2- chlorite ion
    ClO3- chlorate ion
    ClO4- perchlorate ion
    Cl2 chlorine
    CoBr2 cobalt(II) bromide
    CoC2O4 * 2H2O cobalt(II) oxalate - dihydrate
    CoCl2 cobalt(II) chloride
    CoF2 * 2H2O cobalt(II) fluoride - dihydrate
    CoF2 * xH2O cobalt(II) fluoride - hydrate
    CoFe2O4 cobalt(II) iron(II) oxide
    Co(IO3)2 * 6H2O cobalt(II) iodate - hexahydrate
    CoI2 cobalt(II) iodide
    [4]Cl pentaaminecarbonatocobalt(III) chloride
    Co(NO3)2 * 6H2O cobalt(II) nitrate - hexahydrate
    CoO cobalt(II) oxide
    CoSiF6 * 6H2O cobalt(II) fluosilicate - hexahydrate
    CoSe cobalt(II) selenide
    CoSeO3 cobalt(II) selenite
    CoWO4 cobalt(II) orthotungstate
    Co2SiO4 cobalt(II) orthosilicate
    Co3S4 cobalt sulfide linnaeite
    CrAs chromium(III) arsenide
    CrBr3 * 6H2O chromium(III) bromide - hexahydrate
    CrCl2 chromium(II) chloride
    CrCl3 chromium(III) chloride
    [5]Cl tetraaquadichlorochromium(III) chloride
    CrO2Cl2 chromium(VI) oxychloride
    CrO42- chromate ion
    CrSb chromium(III) antimonide
    CrVO4 chromium(III) orthovanadate
    Cr2(C2O4)3 * 6H2O chromium(III) oxalate - hexahydrate
    Cr2O3 chromium(III) oxide
    Cr2O72- dichromate ion
    Cr2Se3 chromium(III) selenide
    Cr2(TeO4)3 chromium(III) tellurate
    Cr2Te3 chromium(III) telluride
    Cr3As2 chromium(II) arsenide
    Cr3Sb2 chromium(II) antimonide
    Cr3Si2 chromium(III) silicide
    CsBr cesium bromide
    CsBrO3 cesium bromate
    CsBr3 cesium tribromide
    CsC2H3O2 cesium acetate
    CsCl cesium chloride
    CsClO3 cesium chlorate
    CsH2PO4 cesium dihydrogen orthophosphate
    CsI cesium iodide
    CsI3 cesium triiodide
    CsNO3 cesium nitrate
    CsNbO3 cesium metaniobate
    CsO2 cesium superoxide
    CsSCN cesium thiocyanate
    CsSeO4 cesium selenate
    CsTaO3 cesium metatantalate
    Cs2CO3 cesium carbonate
    Cs2C2O4 cesium oxalate
    Cs2CrO4 cesium chromate
    Cs2Cr2O7 cesium dichromate
    Cs2HPO4 cesium hydrogen orthophosphate
    Cs2MoO4 cesium molybdate
    Cs2SO3 cesium sulfite
    Cs2SO4 cesium sulfate
    Cs2SiO3 cesium metasilicate
    Cs2TeO4 cesium tellurate
    Cs2TiO3 cesium titanate cesium metatitanate
    Cs2Ti5O11 fibrous cesium titanate
    Cs2WO4 cesium orthotungstate
    Cs3PO4 cesium orthophosphate
    Cs3VO4 cesium orthovanadate
    CuBr copper(I) bromide
    Cu(BrO3)2 * 6H2O copper(II) bromate - hexahydrate
    CuBr2 copper(II) bromide
    CuC2O4 copper oxalate
    CuCl copper(I) chloride
    Cu(ClO3)2 * 6H2O copper(II) chlorate - hexahydrate
    CuCl2 copper(II) chloride
    CuFeS2 copper iron sulfide chalcopyrite
    CuFe2O4 copper(II) iron(II) oxide
    CuFe2S3 copper iron sulfide cubanite
    [6]SO4 * H2O blue vitriol
    CuI copper(I) iodide
    CuIO3 copper(I) iodate
    Cu(IO3)2 copper(II) iodate
    CuMoO4 copper(II) orthomolybdate
    Cu(NO3)2 * 3H2O copper(II) nitrate - trihydrate
    Cu(NbO3)2 copper(II) orthoniobate
    CuO copper(II) oxide
    Cu(OH)2 copper(II) hydroxide
    CuS copper(II) sulfide covellite
    CuSCN copper(I) thiocyanate
    CuSO4 copper(II) sulfate
    CuSO4 * 5H2O copper(II) sulfate - pentahydrate
    CuSe copper(II) selenide
    CuSeO3 * 2H2O copper(II) selenite - dihydrate
    CuSeO4 * 5H2O copper(II) selenate - pentahydride
    CuSiO3 copper(II) metasilicate
    CuTe copper(II) telluride
    CuTeO3 copper(II) tellurite
    CuTiO3 copper(II) metatitanate
    Cu(VO3)2 copper(II) metavanadate
    CuWO4 copper(II) orthotungstate
    Cu2CO3(OH)2 malachite
    Cu2S copper(I) sulfide chalcocite
    Cu2Se copper(I) selenide
    Cu2Te copper(I) telluride
    Cu3As copper(I) arsenide
    Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2 azurite
    Cu3P copper(I) phosphide
    Cu3(PO4)2 copper(II) phosphate
    Cu3Sb copper(III) antimonide
    Cu5FeS4 copper iron sulfide bornite
    Cu9S5 copper sulfide digenite