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Direct exchange geothermal heat pump

    Direct Exchange Geothermal heat pumps are a growing and alternative way to heat and air conditioning our homes Achieving incredible savings compared to other sources that we currently use to condition our homes Even though they have been around for decades few people realize how efficient this systems are compared to propane oil electric and even natural gas EarthLinked Direct Exchange Geothermal heat pumps have the ability to very efficiently extracted heat at low ground temperatures and increase that heat through the refrigerant compression process to heat our homes comfortably even in the harshness winter conditions They also has the ability to dispense of unwanted heat during the summer months by transferring that heat into the same stable lower temperature of the ground that is under us, again more efficiently then the surrounding higher air temperature associated with summer heat and standard air conditioners This makes the components of the air conditioner work with less stress and less power which correlates directly to greatly reduced utility energy bills There are many advantages to heating and cooling with ETI Earthlinked DX Geothermal heat pumps Carbon Monoxide Carbon Dioxide and other gases cannot be produced or emitted because nothing is combusted to heat the home Electricity powers one the indoor fan motor and one compressor motor That’s it. It’s not surprising that ETI is a leader among the high efficiency heating and cooling products produced ETI holds over 9 patents on their unique refrigeration control device technology