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Earth mysteries

    The term '''Earth Mysteries''' describes a multi-disciplined (holistic) approach to the study of ancient sites and landscapes (including archaeology archaeoastronomy and ley_lines|ley lines) unusual natural objects Anomalous_phenomenon|bizarre events and phenomena anomalous archaeological artifacts known as anachronisms (eg the Antikythera mechanism) and strange creatures (Cryptozoology) The discipline is regarded with some skepticism by academics since much of its universe of discourse lies outwith mainstream research attracting fringe authors with a sensational literary style limited analytical skills and poor scientific method However respected scientists such as Arthur_C_Clarke|Arthur C Clarke have also written popular books on the subject and which have gone some way towards exposing the flawed methodologies of less disciplined authors
    Earth Mysteries have their modern origin in the works of Charles Fort and gained momentum in the 1960's partly as a result of the Counterculture movement The term is thought to have originated in the 1970's

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