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Federation of European Neuroscience Societies

    The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) is an international federation of professional scientific societies for basic scientists and physicians whose research is focused on the brain and nervous system


    The FENS was founded in 1998 to coordinate at the European level national and international European neurosciences societies created in the previous 25 years It succeeded the European Neuroscience Association an early attempt to federate individual European scientists The FENS federates existing societies which number today 30, and which total around 18 000 scientists


    As a Federation its purposes are
    - to promote coordination between its member Societies in order to develop neuroscience research in their respective countries and disciplinesneuroscience by delivering information organizing training programs and providing grants for young scientistsneuroscience research


    The FENS organizes every two years an international scientific meeting the FENS Forum of European Neuroscience open to scientists from all over the world Such meetings takes place in a different country hosted by a national society (Berlin 1998 ; Brighton 2000 ; Paris 2002 ; Lisbon 2004 ; Vienna 2006 ; Geneva 2008; Amsterdam 2010) and bring together about 5000 participantsNeuroscience Schools (NENS) and its Summer and Winter Schools organized for graduate students
    neuroscience research


    The FENS publishes:
    • The European Journal of Neuroscience [1] a monthly peer reviewed scientific journal
    • FENS Forum Abstracts [2] proceedings of the FENS Forums of European Neuroscience


    * The FENS homepage [http://wwwfensorg] * The FENS Forum homepage [http://forumfensorg] * The European Journal of Neurosciences [http://wwwblackwellpublishingcom/journals/ejn/] * European Dana Alliance for the Brain [http://edabdanaorg/] * IBRO [http://wwwibroorg] * EBC () Fensexdir (talk) 22:31 13 January 2008 (UTC)