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    Glyptapanteles is a species of parasitoid wasp The species is distinguished by its ability to "control" its host the larval phase of the geometric moth Thyrinteina leucocerae into serving as a bodyguard for its young


    Female Glyptapanteles oviposit in their prey The larvae grow inside and subsist on, the caterpillar The caterpillar continues to grow and feed normally until the 4th or 5th instar whereupon up to 80 fully grown larvae emerge from its body to pupate

    Behavior Alteration

    After the larvae emerge the caterpillar takes up position near the cocoons of the pupae and ceases to move or feed However when disturbed it begins to thrash violently It has been demonstrated in experimental research that this behavior is to strike at and repel possible predators of the pupae thus improving their survival odds