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Heat flux

    '''Heat flux''' or '''thermal flux''' is a flow of energy per unit of area per unit of time In SI units it is measured in [Watt|W·Metre|m-2] Since it has both a direction and a magnitude it is a Vector (spatial)|vectorial quantity
    Heat flux is often denoted overrightarrow{phi_q} the subscript q specifying heat flux as opposed to mass or momentum flux The most important appearance of heat flux in physics is in Fourier's law describing heat conduction

    Measuring heat flux

    The measurement of heat flux is most often done by measuring a temperature difference over a piece of material with known thermal conductivity This method is analogous to a standard way to measure an electric current where one measures the voltage drop over a known resistor

    Relevance to science and engineering

    One of the tools in a scientist's or engineer's toolbox is the energy balance

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