"The most significant piece of wisdom literature in Sumerian", asserts Paul-Alain Beaulieu, in Richard J. Clifford, ed., [..],Instructions of Shuruppak">
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Instructions of Shuruppak

    The '''''Instructions of Shuruppak''''' is a well-known Sumerian Wisdom literature|"wisdom" text"The most significant piece of wisdom literature in Sumerian language|Sumerian" asserts Paul-Alain Beaulieu in Richard J. Clifford ed ''Wisdom Literature in Mesopotamia and Israel'' 2007:4 a genre of literature common in the Ancient Near East intended to teach proper piety inculcate virtue and preserve community standing[http://wwwgatewaystobabyloncom/myths/texts/life/instructionshruppakhtml Instructions of Shuruppak:] from WG Lambert (1996) ''Babylonian Wisdom Literature'' (Eisenbrauns Winona Lake Indiana) Includes on-line English translation of the text The text is placed in the mouth of a king Shuruppak son of Ubara-Tutu the last king of Sumer before the Flood It consists of admonitory sayings addressed to his son Ziusudra The name of Shuruppak appears in one cuneiform tablet of the Sumerian King List where it is interpolated as an extra generation between Ubara-Tutu and Ziusudra who are in every other instance father and son; Lambert reports that it has been suggested that the intruder might have arisen through an epithet of the father ("man of Shuruppak") having been taken wrongly for a proper name
    The Abu Salabikh tablet of the mid-third millennium BCE is the oldest extant copy The Shuruppak instructions contain precepts later included in the early first millennium BCE Ten Commandments The Schoyen Collection website] notes from a Neo-Sumerian tablet of ca. 1900-1700 BCE: line 50: Do not curse with powerful means (3rd Commandment); line 28: Do not kill (6th Commandment); lines 33-34: Do not laugh with or sit alone in a chamber with a girl that is married (7th Commandment); lines 28-31: Do not steal or commit robbery (8th Commandment); and line 36: Do not spit out lies (9th Commandment) and other sayings that are reflected in the Biblical Book of Proverbs



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