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Isometric projection

Image:Pixelart-tv-iso.png|frame|right|Isometric drawing of a TV
Isometric projection is a form of orthographic projection or more specifically an axonometric projection It is a method for the visual representation of three-dimensional objects in two dimensions in which the angles between the projection of the x y and z axes are all the same or 120° For objects with surfaces that are substantially perpendicular to and/or parallel with one another it corresponds to rotation of the object by +/- 45° about the vertical axis followed by rotation of approximately +/- 35264° arcsin(tan(30°)) about the horizontal axis starting from an orthographic projection relative to an object's face (a perpendicular view to a face of an object)
Isometric projection can be visualized by considering the view of a cubical room from an upper corner looking towards the opposite lower corner The x-axis is diagonally down and right the z-axis is diagonally down and left and the y-axis is straight up. Depth is also shown by height on the image Lines drawn along the axes are at 120° to one another The term isometric comes from the Greek for "equal measure" which reflects that the scale along each axis of the projection is the same (this is not true of some other forms of projection) Isometric projection is one of the projections used in drafting

Computer and video games

Isometric projection is used in many computer and video games Some notable ones include:
  • Age of Empires and The Age of Kings: History-based RTS games
  • Alien 8: Platform game and one of the first games to use isometric projection
  • Close Combat series: Tactical real-time strategy games
  • Murder at Boddy Mansion: the computer game version of the board game Clue
  • Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2: Alternative history-based real-time strategy games
  • Diablo and Diablo II: Dungeon-romping RPG games
  • Fallout: A turn-based post-Apacolyptic roleplaying game
  • Final Tactics]: A strategic roleplaying game
  • Final Tactics Advance]: A Game Boy Advance strategic roleplaying game based on the first Tactics game
  • Front Mission (the first game in the series): A strategic roleplaying game
  • Furcadia: A massively-multiplayer online social game (MMOSG)
  • Jagged Alliance turn-based squad tactical
  • Knight Lore: The first game to use isometric projection
  • La Pucelle: A strategic roleplaying game
  • Phantom Brave: A strategic roleplaying game
  • SimCity 2000 and 3000: City building simulation games
  • Snake Rattle 'n' Roll: An action/platformer game
  • Sonic 3D Blast: An action/platformer game
  • Super Mario RPG: A roleplaying game
  • StarCraft: Science-fiction real-time strategy game
  • The Sims: A simulation of people controlled by the player
  • Ultima Online: Massively multiplayer online fantasy combat game
  • X-COM: Alien invasion strategy game
  • Zaxxon: Early arcade space flight fight

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