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Keith Flett

    Keith Flett (born London, 1956) is a socialist historian and "self-appointed epistolary custodian of the Left" in London, United Kingdom.
    Letters from "Keith Flett, London N17" are frequently published in the press, literary and political journals, advancing his favoured causes of socialism and the Beard Liberation Front. Flett appears frequently in the letters pages of Tribune, New Statesman and the London Review of Books. His first letter was published in the Guardian newspaper, criticising an article by Professor Eric Hobsbawn on Soviet history.
    Flett has written and edited a number of history books. He has also written for the left-wing newspapers The Morning Star and the Socialist Worker. He is an active supporter of the Socialist Workers Party. He is president of the Haringey Trades Council.
    Flett is the 'organiser' of the Beard Liberation Front (which campaigns against the trend of New Labour politicians removing their facial hair to show a more moderate, presentable, image to the public). He is also associated with Campaign for Real Conkers. In this Flett forms part of a British political tradition (along with the likes of David Sutch) of using tongue-in-cheek flippancy to make more serious political points.


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