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Keith Jessop

    '''Keith Jessop''' is the world's most successful marine treasure hunter and salvage diver in history a man who has made and lost millions rescuing treasure from the deep Born the son of a penniless Yorkshire mill-girl he left school without a single qualification and to make ends meet he started salvaging scrap metal from shallow water wrecks off the coast of Scotland using the inner tube of a tractor tyre covered in wire mesh as a vessel Always ready to embrace danger he learned to deep dive during a series of spectacularly risky recoveries in ever more treacherous waters
    But it was only with advances in technology allowing longer and deeper dives that his dream of recovering the Edinburgh's gold began inching towards reality His autobiography Goldfinder is the extraordinary story of Keith's progress from aquatic Steptoe and Son to salvaging the richest prize of all over $100 million of Russian gold from the bottom of the Arctic Ocean His story encompasses all the thrills and terror of deep sea diving and salvaging and the awesome unforgiving power of the oceanHis son Graham Jessop is also a successful deep sea salvage diver