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Kovats retention index

    '''Kovat's retention index''' or simply '''Kovat's index''' is a method of quantifying the relative elution times of compounds in gas chromatography in such a way as to help positively identify the components of a mixture The method takes advantage of the linear relationship between the values of log (t_r') and the number of carbon atoms in a molecule The value of Kovat's index is usually represented by ''I'' in mathematical expressions It's applicability is restricted to organic compounds The Kovat's index is given by the equation
    I = 100 times n + ( N - n ) frac{log (t_{r (unknown)} ') - log (t_{r (n)} ')}{log (t_{r (N)} ') - log (t_{r (n)} ')}
    I = Kovat's retention indexn = the number of carbon atoms in the smaller alkaneN = the number of carbon atoms in the larger alkanet_r' = the adjusted retention time