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Latin League

    The Latin League (c. 7th century BC - 338 BC) was a confederation of about 30 villages and tribes in the province of Latium near ancient Rome organized for mutual defense. It was originally created for protection against enemies from surrounding areas under the leadership of the city of Alba Longa. The early Roman Republic formed an alliance with the Latin League in 493 B.C. According to Roman tradition, this treaty, the foedus Cassianum,Nelson, Eric. (2001) The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Roman Empire, Alpha Books. pp. 76-77. ISBN 0028641515. followed a Roman victory over the league in the Battle of Lake Regillus.
    The increasing power of Rome gradually led to its domination of the league. The renewal of the original treaty in 358 B.C. formally established Roman leadership and eventually triggered the outbreak of the Latin War. Following the Roman victory, the league was dissolved.
    After 338 BC, the end of the Latin league, Rome renamed the cities municipiae and established colonae inside them. This meant that the towns were now ruled by Rome (or the Roman empire) and that the people living there were considered Roman colonies.