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List of chemical compounds with unusual names

Chemical nomenclature replete as it is with chemical compound|compounds with complex names is a repository for some very peculiar and sometimes startling names A browse through the ''Physical Constants of Organic Compounds'' in the ''CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics'' (a fundamental resource) will reveal not just the whimsical work of organic chemistry|organic chemists but the sometimes peculiar compound names that occur as the consequence of simple juxtaposition Some compounds whose names derive legitimately from their chemical makeup or from the geographic region where they may be found include:

  • Bastardane - A close relative to Adamantane and it's proper name is ethano-bridged Noradamante Because its unusual Ethano-bridge was a variation from the standard hydrocarbon caged re-arrangements it came to be known as Bastardane - the unwanted child

  • Cadaverine - A foul-smelling diamine produced by putrefaction of dead animal tissue

  • Crapinon - an anticholinergic drug one side effect of which is constipation

  • Cubane - A hydrocarbon whose eight carbon atoms occupy the vertices of a cube

  • DEAD (diethyl azodicarboxylate) - an apt acronym given that DEAD is explosive; shock sensitive; carcinogenic; and an eye skin and respiratory irritant

  • Draculin - An anticoagulant found in the saliva of vampire bats

  • wwwcs'Fucitol' (C6H14O5) - an alcohol derived from Fucus vesiculosis a North Atlantic seaweed Its optical isomers are also called D-fuc-ol and L-fuc-ol

  • Fukalite (Ca4Si2O6()(F))2 - a rare form of calcium silicocarbonate mined in the Fuka region of Japan

  • Gossypol - A toxin found in cottonseed used as a male contraceptive

  • Megaphone - a ketone derived from the root of Aniba megaphylla

  • Naftazone (C11H9N3O2) a vasoprotective drug The NAFTA free-trade zone is the area covered by NAFTA

  • Penguinone - a cyclohexadienone

  • Performic acid - a strongly oxidizing acid related to formic acid

  • Psicose (C6H12O6) - a rare low-calorie sugar that provides 03% as much energy as sucrose

  • Putrescine - A foul-smelling diamine produced by the putrefaction of dead animal tissue

  • R-CMP - R-cytodine monophosphate a component of RNA but also the acronym for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • Thebacon (C20H23NO4)

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