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List of semiaquatic organisms

This is a list of organisms that spend part of their Biological life cycle|life cycle or of which part of their anatomy is Wiktionary:underwater|underwater


Semiaquatic plants are those whose roots are wholly or in part underwater
  • Mangrove a type of woody tree or shrub growing in the mangal habitat consisting of more than 50 species across 17 plant families
  • members of the Taxodium genus of plants (Plantae:Pinophyta:Pinopsida)
    • Taxodium distichum also known as the swamp cypress or bald cypress
    • Taxodium ascendens also known as the pond cypress
    • Taxodium mucronatum also known as the Montezuma cypress or Ahuehuete
  • members of the Alismatidae subclass of plants (Plantae:Magnoliophyta:Liliopsida:Alismatidae)


Semiaquatic animals are those that are primarily terrestrial but that spend a large amount of time underwater either as part of their life cycle or as an essential behavior (eg feeding)

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