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M25 Tank Transporter

    The '''M25 Tank Transporter''' was a heavy tank transporter and tank recovery vehicle used in World War II add post-war by the US Army
    The M25 was composed of a 6x6 armored tractor (M26) and a 40-ton trailer (M15) It was nicknamed the Dragon Wagon


    The M25 was designed by the Knuckey Truck Company (based in San Francisco CA) but the army decided that its production capacity was insufficient and awarded the production to Pacific Car & Foundry Co (based in Seattle WA)
    The trailer was designed by the Fruehauf Trailer Company (based in Detroit MI)

    The tractor was designated TR-1 by Pacific Car and was powered by a Hall-Scott type 440 240bhp 6-cylinder gasoline engines This engine was developed exclusively for the TR-1 and some 2100 of them were built

    An unarmoured version of the M26 tractor was designated the M26A1


    The M26 entered service with the US Army in Europe in 1944-45

    US Nomenclature

    This combination unit was refered to as the M25 tank transporter "Dragon Wagon" consisting of: Truck 12-ton 6 x 6, Tractor M26 (Pacific) and Semi-trailer 40-ton M15 (Fruehauf)
    In the nomeclature system used by the US Army Ordnance Corps Supply Catalog this vehicle is referred as the G160



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    - TM 9-767 (40 Ton Tank Transporter/Truck-Trailer M25)
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    • SNL G160

    Further reading

    • Military Vehicle Journal #8 (Photos of the M26 and M26A1)

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