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Mathematically Correct

    Mathematically Correct is a [http://wwwmathematicallycorrectcom/|website created by educators parents citizens and mathematicians / scientists who are concerned about the direction of standards-based mathematics and education reform It is one of the most frequently cited websites in the Math wars
    The website contains many articles and reviews which claim that new context-based and constructivist math programs many of which were funded by the National Science Foundation These are nearly all based on the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics created by theNational Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    Many of the problems cited by Mathematically Correct are that traditional methods and concepts are ommitted or replaced by entirely new terminology In the case of the Core-plus Mathematics Project for example studies are presented where students claim that they entered college entirely unprepared for college level courses Other programs given poor ratings include Dale Seymour Publications Investigations in Number Data and Space and Everyday Learning Everyday Mathematics