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    '''''Musevisa''''' (: "The Mouse Song") is a Norway|Norwegian Christmas music|Christmas song by Folk music|folk singer-songwriter Alf Prøysen in 1946 Prøysen wrote the lyrics for the song in 1946 to a traditional tune ''Musevisa'' is a secular song where a family of Anthropomorphism|anthropomorphic mouse|mice are preparing for Christmas The mouse-mother warns her children against the dangers of the mousetrapIn the late autumn of 1946 Prøysen had just left his job as a farm hand received a commission from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NrK) to write a Christmas song for children Before presenting the song to the network he met with his friend Arnljot Høyland near the Oslo railway station Vestbanen to get his opinion on the song he had written Prøysen said he was worried about the happy and sympathetic tone of the song since the subject was mice considered a pest For this reason he had written an alternative ending to the song Høyland told him not to worry correctly assuming that this would not be an issue Prøysen presented the song in its original form it was accepted and became an instant classic Høyland never heard the alternative ending


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