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PF Tek

    PF Tek is the method of mushroom cultivation pioneered by Psylocybe Fanaticus This technique (tek) utilizes brown rice flour and vermiculite sterilized in half pint wide mouthed canning jars by boiling or pressure cooking with a layer of dry vermiculite as a filter agent to keep out competing bacteria and fungus The "PF jar" after sterilizing is then injected with spores from a syringe creatinga one step procedure for reliably growing mushrooms indoors
    Psylocybe Fanaticus was the business name ofRobert McPherson the creator of the PF TEK and the new world wide magicmushroom syringe pandemic The PF TEK is now the easiest simplest cheapestand most reliable mushroom growing technique in history although the mushroomsare illegal most everywhere in the "civilized world" In the USA psilocybinmushrooms are a schedule 1 hallucinogen making them as illegal as Meth andCrack