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Parliamentary leader

    A '''parliamentary leader''' is chosen in Canadian politics to lead a party in the Canadian House of Commons|House of Commons or in the case of the province (Canada)|provinces in the legislature when a party has seats in the legislative body but the leader does not or in other unusual circumstances

    Recent examples of parliamentary leaders

    • Grant Hill served as parliamentary leader of the Conservative Party of Canada while the party's interim leader was John Lynch-Staunton a Senator
    • Bill Blaikie served as parliamentary leader of the New Democratic Party from Jack Layton's election as party leader until he won a seat in the House of Commons in the Canadian federal 2004|2004 election]

    Unusual cases

    • Herb Gray served as parliamentary leader of the Liberal Party of Canada during the 1990 Liberal convention] despite the fact that outgoing party leader John Turner still sat in the House of Commons
    • William Lyon Mackenzie King became parliamentary leader and continued as Prime Minister of Canada for some months following the election of his successor Louis St. Laurent who continued as a member of his cabinet during this time