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Per Teodor Cleve

    Per Teodor Cleve (Stockholm February 10, 1840 - Uppsala June 18, 1905) was a Swedish chemist and geologist.
    After graduating from the Stockholm Gymnasium in 1858, Cleve matriculated at the University of Uppsala in May 1858, where he received his Ph.D. in 1863. After employment with the university in Uppsala and travels in Europe and North America, he received a professorship of general and agricultural chemistry in Uppsala in 1874.
    Cleve discovered the elements holmium and thulium in 1879. Also, in 1874, he concluded that didymium was in fact two elements, now known as neodymiumand praseodymium.
    He received the Davy Medal of the Royal Society in 1894, "for his researches on the chemistry of the rare earths". The mineral cleveite was named in 1878 by the geologist and explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiƶld in his honour.
    Cleve was the maternal grandfather of Ulf von Euler(1905-1981), a Nobel prize winner, physiologist and pharmacologist.