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Political opportunity

    '''Political opportunity theory''' sometimes also known as the '''political process theory''' is a theory of social movements gronded in political sociology
    Political opportunity theory argues that the actions of the activists are dependent on a broader context (in other words on the existence - or lack of - of a specific political opportunity)David S. Meyer­ Protest and Political Opportunities Annual Review of Sociology Vol 30: 125-145 (Volume publication date August 2004) (doi:101146/annurevsoc30012703110545) [1]
    Meyer (2004) in his overview of political opportunity theory noted that this broader context can affect:
    • "mobilizing"
    • "advancing particular claims rather than others"
    • "cultivating some alliances rather than others"
    • "employing particular political strategies and tactics rather than others" and
    • "affecting mainstream institutional politics and policy"

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