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Predator technology

    The following is a list of equipments and weapons of Predators from the Predator franchise


    Bio mask

    on the left is highly visible on the left is much less distinguishedThe Predators are a highly advanced technological species evident through their capacity for interstellar travel and their vast array of weapons and equipment One example of this technology is the Bio mask that they routinely wear during a hunt Various mask types and designs are used by the Predators; the variation in design seems to result from individual preference rather than necessity These masks contain a variety of functions which the Predators may require during a hunt Some functions are listed here with further details below:
    A gas mask respirator possible translator voice/sound amplifier multiple vision modes a zoom function some diagnostic capabilities and some type of communication with other Predators and/or mother ship These functions are in addition to serving as protection for the Predator's heads It is unknown if the masks have an enclosed breathing system for uninhabitable environment (liquids certain gas mixes etc) And a Recording System as seen in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
    The masks have been shown to have several different vision modes These vision modes vary depending on the mask and the origin of the Predator fiction The most commonly seen vision mode is an enhanced thermal vision that greatly increases the contrast between objects from the Predator's natural sight as seen in the first movie when the Predator removes its mask This is the mode the Predators are seen to use to track humans In the film Alien vs. Predator the Predator again has multiple vision modes the two it uses primarily are the thermal vision for tracking humans and an "alien vision" it uses to detect xenomorphs (in the film Aliens it was established that xenomorphs are not visible using thermal vision) In Predator 2 the Predator switches between multiple spectral modes when it finds itself under attack from opponents who are wearing thermal camouflage the movie suggests (due to screen coloring) that this mode could be some form of Ultraviolet spectrum; other explanations for this mode are Low-Light Amplification and Air Density Pressure (movement); but this is not specifically explained in the movie Additional vision modes are available to determine the health condition of targets suggesting that the Predators have a thorough understanding of human anatomy This is shown in Predator 2 and Alien vs. Predator The visual setting may also be modified for x-rays and microwaves with a built-in magnetometer and a Geiger counter
    Housed within the helmet is a targeting and tracking system for any shoulder-mounted weaponry The shoulder mounted Plasma caster uses this laser target designator which comprises three sides of an open triangle this also has a zoom capability so the Predators can see and aim over great distances This tracking system also allows the Predators to plot trajectories of thrown objects In Predator a rock thrown by Dutch was tracked back to him in this manner There is also an extensive array of surveillance equipment within the mask including a Waveform Analyzer which can analyze and imitate previous words spoken to it in an effort to communicate with or ambush other life forms such as humans The mask also is used to analyse the materials or density of a toy gun a child was holding in Predator 2 meaning the Predator was able to mark the child as harmless The mask also seems to affect hearing as well; in Predator when the Predator took its mask off it heard things at a much higher pitch than before and slightly more distorted The mask possibly has the ability to provide protection from a xenomorph facehugger as well though it is highly unlikely as there is no protection given in the Aliens versus Predator video games as it may have be the case as Kane was face-hugged despite his head being inside a space suit helmet in the first Alien film The helmet does have its weakness; a large EMP signature will interfere with the vision modes potentially leaving the Predator vulnerable
    In Alien vs. Predator the thermal vision is changed from the usual blue vision that showed the body temperature to a vision that showed a more detailed vision This is most likely to make the ritual harder for the coming of age Predators as the blue thermal vision made its return in Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem
    In the Aliens versus Predator video games the Predator has four vision modes regular vision (to fit in with the first-person shooter genre) thermal (spotting regular beings like humans) electric (gives a red background used spotting xenomorphs by their white outline) and Predator vision (gives a bright green background helps spot other Predators by a white body and other Predator-related technology such as smart discs) In Jungle] the Predator's mask offered four types of vision and varying diagnostic functions for each: Normal Vision which was the same as a human and had no diagnostic; Thermal Vision which highlighted heat signatures and could analyze health and armour weaknesses in prey; Tech vision which contrasted energy sources and xenomorphs and analyzed a prey's weapon systems and Neuro Vision which exposed the prey's current emotional status (calm panicking hostile etc) and on scan would show the target's affiliation and rank
    One final feature of the predator is its voice translator/recorder This device can both record and play strips of audio which a predator may use to express meaning or catch prey off guard

    Cloaking device

    Other equipment includes a cloaking device to provide active camouflage bending light around the wearer and projecting a semi-transparent image in front of the Predator making it very hard to see though not completely invisible The overall effect is similar to that of light being bent by heat on a hot day (the mirage effect) The technology is also used to mask Predator ships moving within enemy territories However contact with water renders the device inoperable The only exception to this rule is when the Predator faces off against a drug lord while standing in a puddle of water; the Predator briefly appears but is subsequently shown cloaked in the next angle It also doesn't seem to work against xenomorphs possibly because the xenomorphs use their shark-like electrical senses to "feel" the Predators This is seen in Alien vs. Predator when a camouflaged Predator is impaled through the chest by a xenomorph's tail and in the games Aliens versus Predator and Aliens versus Predator 2 they have a vision which outlines the Predator with a green aura (much like the Tech vision a Predator uses to view xenomorphs has a green background) as a means of sensing the targets' pheromones Also a Predator's cloak can be identified when the Predator is seen at close distances Movement by the Predator tends to break up the distortions unless the Predator is moving slowly like when he crawled past Dutch in the first Predator film
    In the Aliens versus Predator video game the cloaking device works by making its user transparent; this is because it has been found by the developers that the game engine made the light-bending cloak too ineffective to be useful It is also done this way so the player can still see what they are doing when playing as the cloaked Predator It seems that androids and sentry guns can still see a Predator even with the cloak and humans often blindly fire in front of them (because of their motion sensors tracking a Predator's movements)


    The medicomp is not a weapon but a small case that contains various medical equipment should the Predator ever be injured (although most if not all of these equipment seem to hurt as much as they help as all the Predators that have used these tools on themselves have roared in pain soon after a reaction that they don't have when they receive their injuries) One of the medical gadgets in it resembles a spike with a handle and contains a material that is either a powerful stimulant or a form of artificial plasma It also contains a burner and a vial of liquid that when mixed with other materials (in Predator 2 the Predator uses broken glass and wall-tile fragments) creates a healing compound that can be used to treat and cauterize almost any wound from minor to mortal that a Predator may have It has made various appearances throughout the Predator franchises including the video games
    This healing kit contains enough tools to perform minor surgery and repair superficial wounds The healing kit also contains a shrapnel extractor two wound clamps which snap open and pin the wound closed with small spikes (one of these is used to close a bullet wound in Predator although this wound later re-opens) one stimulant shot and one antiseptic tube (also used in Predator) as well as a detox probe a hypospray and 15 drug vials Typical lists of drug vials include three each of: bone coral counter-agent healing booster stabilizer and stimulant The whole kit is extremely compact and takes up an area 4"x5"x9" The kit can come in a small version a medium version or a heavy version the heavy version has all of the above inside of it
    The medicomp is also built with a flame extinguisher in the event that a Predator catches fire but this is almost redundant seeing as how their plate armor is usually fireproof


    The sat-com is a computer which shows plans and schematics of some determined object or building as well as working like a GPS-style positioning unit This device is seen in use in the first and second Alien vs. Predator films the Sat-com will also display the position of laser nets in the area as well as their projection

    Plate armor

    's 1987 film PredatorMost Predators wear a breastplate which doesn't cover the midsection It is made of a very durable unknown metal able to stop bullets as well as delay the corrosive effect of xenomorph blood long enough for it to be taken off In Alien vs. Predator when xenomorph blood is splashed onto the plate the Predator simply rips it off suggesting that the plate is held together by clips attached to the backpack which release when pulled The plate also appears to be made of several layers resulting in better durability Pauldrons and tassets are also featured on a Predator as well as greaves and foot armor made of the same unknown alloy Though very light and strong most types of Predator armor will dent if hit with a strong enough blow and can be pierced by a xenomorph tail blade
    The Aliens versus Predator video games portray the plate armor as being indestructible as a gameplay element making the Predator the most durable player-controlled character The plate armor won't keep a determined chestburster from erupting from the inside however; the armor shatters from the birth

    Mesh jumpsuit

    Almost all Predators wear what seems to be a mesh jumpsuit made of an unknown wire It appears to warm the Predator's body by means of electrically generated warmth Besides this it has also been suggested that the mesh is a part of the camouflage system However when neither camouflage nor warmth is needed the mesh suit serves as a jumpsuit during the hunt Another possible method of use is that the mesh may act as a storing device for trophies or weapons


    Predator weaponry varies from hunter to hunter It is possible that the difference in weapons between the various movies and games is more an indication of preference than anything else Differences in clan culture may decide the difference in equipment a Predator may carry as different clans may have different amounts of discipline in specific areas of combat skill or just possess a greater level of wealth or available technology The idea of difference in wealth in a Predator clan would explain the amount of equipment carried and the advanced levels of each piece of equipment (for example length and material of wristblades) However it may not necessarily account for the variety carried by them throughout their encounters It has never been officially stated that they have specific reasons for using certain weapons
    The video game Predator: Concrete Jungle rumored some or all Predator weapons to be based on Promethius technology it is uncertain whether this means they are made with promethium or the phrase is unrelated to the element Most fans believe that it is named after the Greek myth of Promethius who stole fire from the Gods to bring to humans as Predators are god-like when compared to humans especially in regard to technology

    Weapons depicted in film

    It should be noted that the first Alien vs. Predator film appears to ignore all of the background information established in the numerous Alien versus Predator games novels and comics up to that point This may explain the numerous differences between the two depictions

    Wrist blades

    The wrist blade is the weapon of choice for most Predators and their iconic symbol Twin or triple blades with jagged double edges are effective against prey Using the wrist blades shows pride because Predators prefer melee combat
    The blades range from 12 to 18 inches long and retract from a wristband They are forged from an unknown alloy which is almost unbreakable but not totally immune to xenomorph blood In Alien vs. Predator the wrist blade used by the Predator Celtic was reversed so that the sharper end could be used more effectively in an outward swing that he used against a xenomorph which ended up in his wrist blades being melted in half by the xenomorph's acidic blood while in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Wolf's blades (which are almost identical to normal wrist blades) are immune to all forms of damage including alien acid though this may be due to the ones seen in Alien vs. Predator were for ritual and probably destructible to make it harder for the Predators while the ones in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem belong to an experienced hunter In the first Predator film the Predator uses lasers to heat the blades for more powerful blows How they are sharpened is not shown The blades can be fired from the housing/slide in case of emergency or reversed to execute a back-handed slash or have them spread apart to make attacks with larger (more spread-out) wounds or to 'dissaude' prey from moving by trapping their head between the blades These blades are often serrated to cause maximum damage when stabbing and/or pulling the blades free double-edged and occasionally both top and bottom are edged removing the need for the reversing blades Some Predators (like the Urban Hunter in Predator 2) will opt for a spear gun rather than firing their blades (which must be a last resort unless the blades are later recovered and replaced)
    In the computer game Aliens versus Predator 2 a scientist's medical report of a Predator indicates that the wrist blades wristband was grafted to the Predator's arm and removing it caused pulmonary arrest in the Predator being studied The researcher speculates that the cardiac arrest may be an anti-tampering mechanism and comments "What kind of society would rather have its warriors die than be disarmed?" However in Alien vs. Predator a Predator removes his wrist bomb though his wristband was still attached to his arm

    Arm blades

    In Alien vs. Predator only the Chopper (Gill) Predator has these arm blades They're much longer than Scar's or Celtic's wrist blades and can be extended or retracted at will It could be argued that they classify as Mauls but the design does differ

    Plasma caster

    The plasma caster (also known as the "tri-cannon" "plasma cannon" and sometimes "shoulder cannon") is a shoulder-mounted cannon A three-dot laser sight which appears as a triangle in the Predator's HUD is used to show the Predator where the shot will go. The plasma caster will automatically lock on a target if the corresponding vision is activated The three-dot laser sight can be part of the Predator's helmet In both set-ups the plasma caster moves with the Predator's field of vision It fires a bright usually blue pulse of plasma in a straight line The pulse can be controlled to fire with more powerful charges and the shots can burn through flesh wood metal etc There are at least three calibers with the larger one's mounting its own laser sight The sound made when firing changed in Alien vs. Predator from a single whip-like striking sound to a more mellow blast with a reverbing deep pulse as the shot travels Of course the only caster to fire in Alien vs. Predator was a larger caliber than the first two In Alien vs. Predator acquiring the weapons appeared to be the trigger for the training pyramid as none of the Predators were dropped off with one and the pyramid maze activated after the weapons were unstowed The three-dot sight has become the iconic symbol of the Predator films The plasma caster can also work as part of the wrist computer It is also removable
    In the film Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem the Predator Wolf wields two plasma casters According to the production team the Predator takes a second plasma caster from the corpse of another Predator killed by the xenomorphs When Wolf uses two plasma cannons he can fire from both at the same time on different targets at once The plasma caster could also be used as a hand-fired weapon with the addition of a pistol grip after the tracking servos on Wolf's shoulder mount malfunction
    As a gameplay element in the Aliens versus Predator video games when used in conjunction with the correct vision mode the plasma caster automatically targets an enemy and the shot is normally a guaranteed hit (especially against human targets) provided that said enemy doesn't take cover in such situations although fast xenomorphs may escape

    Combi stick

    In the movies the combi stick closely resembles a spear It has the ability to cut through many materials such as body armor and steel It is swung by the Predator and used to deliver crushing or piercing blows The combi stick is also telescopic presumably for easy storage when not in use Both this and the shuriken are made of materials that are somehow resistant to the acidic traits of xenomorph blood

    Spear gun

    A spear gun which fires small metal darts at high velocity The spear is said to look like a "Spear Tip" The spear gun shoots the dart at such a high velocity that it completely eliminates the need for leading It can fire in two modes: in semi and spread (fires like a shotgun) This weapon was briefly seen in Predator 2 and is available in the Aliens versus Predator video games as well as in Predator: Concrete Jungle A speargun usually comes in the form of a telescopic rifle while compact hand-held spearguns are seldomly seen

    Smart disc

    The smart disc (also known simply as the "disc") is an extremely sharp circular weapon that is thrown like a discus and returns to the user like a boomerang This weapon is extremely powerful shown to cut through half a dozen cattle carcasses and a man in Predator 2 in quick succession without any effort It also has a hand grip for use as a slashing melee weapon as well In the film Alien vs. Predator the smart disc was replaced by a shuriken-like throwing star
    It is stated in the video game Aliens versus Predator: Extinction that the disc is mentally controlled by the Predator; Predators who train their mental capacity are able to do this The discs may also be upgraded to have a rotating laser covering the edge Also in the Aliens versus Predator first-person shooter games the Disc had a homing device when used in conjunction with an appropriate vision mode and could be retracted at will Whether this is the case in the movies has never been stated but it is most likely technological


    A shuriken as seen in Alien vs. Predator behaves much like the smart disc however it is constructed with retractable blades In Alien vs. Predator a Predator also uses it as a slashing weapon It is immune to xenomorph's acid blood It appeared again in the movie's sequel Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem except far larger The blade is also available as an upgrade to the smart disc in the game Predator: Concrete Jungle It is sharp enough and fast enough to cut itself three whole inches into solid stone The blades are also strong enough to break a xenomorph Queen's hardened head armor though it cannot seem to actually cut it. In Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem the shuriken is able to cut through a single xenomorph without slowing down and brutally killing a human several meters behind it, with enough force to lift and pin her to a wall several feet above the floor


    There are apparently two versions of the netgun The first is seen in Predator 2 where it is a gun-like weapon that fires a man-sized net at its target who is violently thrown and trapped against the nearest surface The net then begins to constrict itself and cut apart the trapped individual inside
    A second version of the netgun was seen in the movie Alien vs. Predator where it is seen to be a smaller version mounted on the Predator's wrist gauntlet The net is extremely strong shown when a character tries to cut through the net with a knife but the net cuts the knife's blade from the handle It is not resilient to the xenomorph's acidic blood (as the xenomorph Grid in Alien vs. Predator escapes the net but retains the grid-shaped scars) or smart discs (as seen in Predator 2)
    In the video game Aliens versus Predator 2 the net only traps the victim to maintain the balance of game play The opponents captured in nets are allowed to cut their way out with melee weapons (knives in the case of marines claws in the case of xenomorphs and wrist blades in the case of player-controlled Predators the last being only in multiplayer matches)

    Gauntlet plasma bolt

    A wrist-mounted projectile weapon seen in Predator 2 fires a small plasma bolt off the Predator's left wrist gauntlet which seems to be only effective against unarmored opponents but still causes a reasonable amount of damage as the protagonist of Predator 2 Mike Harrigan had to hastily remove his body armor

    Scatter gun

    In Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem the scatter gun is part of the plasma caster It is used when Wolf's plasma casters are rendered useless forcing him to use one as a makeshift pistol In the Requiem game for the PSP the Scatter Gun is called the Hand Cannon and is obtained when the level "Hospital Exterior" is successfully completed It deals a large amount of damage and fires quite rapidly

    Ceremonial dagger

    The ceremonial dagger is a relatively new discovery appearing in the Alien vs. Predator film The Celtic Predator attempted to use this weapon against a xenomorph it had trapped in a net but was killed when the creature freed itself


    In Predator 2 the Elder Predator is holding a machete It is unknown if this weapon is used during a hunt or is merely ceremonial
    is the Predator's primary weapon


    Wire is commonly used by a Predator In Alien vs. Predator the Predator Scar uses some form of wire to kill one of the mercenaries when the team is walking down a corridor The Predator hangs it down from above a mercenary's head gets caught in it, and the Predator pulls him up. It is also used to hang defeated prey upside down by the ankles The wire appears to have a cloaking effect around it similar to the Predator's


    The whip is another weapon previously unseen prior to it's depiction in AVP:R When first introduced the Predator picks up the whip in addition to other weapons before departing the planet It is highly resistant to the corrosive property of xenomorph blood It is also capable of cutting targets in half


    In Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Wolf has a new armored glove weapon It's unfolding armor that encases his hand allowing him to punch through concrete and other such materialsThe glove also appeared to be powered by some form of energy build-up as Wolf used it to blow a hole in the roof of a sewer tunnel to the street above The glove released some form of impact energy with explosive force

    Self-destruct device

    Each Predator carries a self-destruct device mounted on their wrist computer Once activated this device begins a relatively short countdown Red LEDs of Predator numerals on the predator's gauntlet serve as a warning that a bomb is about to explode The detonation of the bomb results in a small nuclear explosion which destroys everything in a baseball field-sized area The actual bomb is located on the wrist device as depicted in the first Alien vs. Predator film when Scar detaches his from his wrist and throws it into the Pyramid's xenomorph egg hatching chamber The device is normally used as a means of retaining honor much like Japanese sepukku allowing the hunter to commit suicide when he has been mortally wounded or inescapably trapped in order to preserve his honor and remove any evidence of his existence
    There appear to be two forms of this device In all of the Predator movies as well as Alien vs. Predator the devices take the form of small range nuclear devices exploding outward and obliterating everything in its range A similar device is found on a Predator vessel used in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem which uses an implosive reaction destroying the wreck of the spacecraft before it can be found by humans The device flashes outward then collapses rapidly to a small sphere which winked out There was little to no damage beyond the wreck itself which completely disintegrated in the flash This could be attributed to the motives of the Predator Wolf who throughout the movie is trying to conceal all the evidence linking the infestation to the two races


    In AVP:Requiem Wolf salvages a vial of a blue corrosive liquid from a fallen comrade The chemical is incredibly potent and able to dissolve organic material including Xenomorph carapaces which are otherwise resistant to their own acidic blood This substance is used to eliminate evidence such as Xenomorph and Human corpses and also as an effective weapon against a xenomorph at one point The substance seems to react with water in a violent exothermic reaction When used on organic material the water within cells completely dissolves the surrounding cell Further more the initial reaction seems to cause chain reactions that spread to any water sources near it with incredible speed A small amount of the solvent can vaporize large quantities of water (shown when Wolf poured some of the vial into a school swimming pool; upon returning to the scene the pool is completely devoid of water)

    Laser nets

    The Laser Net is a flat triangular-shaped device that when deployed automatically secures itself against a solid surface preventing any chance of the device falling from walls or ceilings or being moved should it be attached to the ground When activated by remote the device will produce multiple laser beams stretching across a spacial void until they make contact with an adjacent surface From depictions of the device in AVP:R the lasers do not seem to damage or cut into the adjacent surfaces they touch but do cut and slice xenomorphs (Aliens) with ease when they try to pass through the laser field This is explained as the lasers being designed to only cut through biological tissue When two or more Laser Nets are placed across from each other on parallel surfaces and activated a laser "Grid" results disallowing all but the smallest creatures to pass through A Predator Warrior/Hunter/Cleaner places these devices behind himself to prevent any possible attack from behind while tracking prey and also has the added if unintentional effect of providing contrast against the surrounding area making Aliens easier to see

    Weapons depicted outside of film


    JungleThe maul is a very long barbed arrowed blade that the Predator holds in its hands or slips onto its arm They appeared in the game Predator: Concrete Jungle These blades are very powerful and can easily slice humans in half The blades can be held upside down and are longer in the back which makes them perfect for a backwards stab In the game they can be used in combination with the wrist blades to make a sort of dual wielding blade The blade is about 2 1/2 feet long
    A similar weapon made a brief appearance in the film
    Alien vs. Predator being attached to the forearms of the Predator called Chopper (named after the two large blades on his forearms) by the crew of the film Though they were seen attached to his arms through his part in the film he never had the chance to use them as he was killed from behind by a xenomorph


    This weapon appeared in the video game
    Predator: Concrete Jungle It can be used as an alternative for the combi stick It looks very similar to the combi stick but with a large blade on the each end rather than strong pointed tips In this respect it is used much like a sword with cutting blows rather than a bone crushing powerful spear like the Combi stick It can be used as a single-handed or double-handed weapon

    Plasma pistol

    A plasma pistol that acts like a hand-held mid-range version of the plasma caster but with a large area of affect The firing mechanism differs between the two games In the first game the mechanism is fired in a parabolic arc like an M203 grenade while the second game portrays it as firing in a straight line In the second game the secondary fire fires a burst in an arced trajectory capable of stunning xenomorphs and even jamming electronic equipment temporarily

    Throwing mines

    In the games and AVP:R various mines traps and charges are shown to be used by the Predators These include:
    • Fire trap: An explosive mine Featured in Predator: Concrete Jungle
    • EMP mine: Disables mechanical devices Featured in Predator: Concrete Jungle
    • Sonic trap: Used to stun and temporarily paralyze an enemy or prey Effective when needed to disable the victim without hurting the innocent or weak nearby Featured in Predator: Concrete Jungle
    • Plasma mine: Vaporizes the flesh off the enemy leaving just the skeleton Featured in Predator: Concrete Jungle
    • Remote bomb: Detonated by the Predator or it explodes when in contact with a target Can be stuck to surfaces Featured in Aliens versus Predator 2


    Confusingly this term has three definitions The first refers to a flamethrower like weapon meant for mass-effect attack strategy that eliminates multiple aliens or humans with a 5-foot-wide 90-foot-long line of flame which burns almost everything It also refers to a long rifle with a button for a trigger in the
    Alien vs. Predator novels This weapon is highly effective against anything up to and including a xenomorph queen taking its head off with one shot to the neck It is too powerful to be issued for normal hunts and is only used for warfare or queen stealing raids on alien hives Finally burner seems to be a blanket term for any plasma based ranged weapon as Noguchi's shoulder cannon is referred to as a shoulder-burner in War and Hunter's Planet

    Chemical sprayer

    Almost identical to the burner the chemical sprayer can project hazardous toxins or sprays of acid towards a nearby foe Predators usually use this weapon with the intent to capture rather than kill their prey It is most used when energy weapons are too dangerous to use (ie a caustic atmosphere)

    Energy fletchette

    A rapid fire wrist mounted energy weapon that fires golden plasma projectiles that do little damage but take up a considerably small amount of energy Featured in the game
    Aliens versus Predator 2