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    '''Preppy''' is a term in the USA|American popular vocabulary traditionally used to describe the characteristics of patrician White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (usually with some personal or familial connection to New England; eg WASP) who attend or attended major private secondary preparatory schools These characteristics include particular subcultural speech vocabulary accent dress mannerisms etiquette and general way of being Lisa Birnbach's 1980 ''Official Preppy Handbook'' is a good albeit tongue-in-cheek "guide" to the preppy subculture Paul Fussell's book ''Status: A Guide to the American Class System'' discusses the sociological implications of the preppy subculture
    In recent years the term has come to describe those who affect some popular bourgeois physical manifestation of the preppy subculture In many cases this usage pertains merely to a person's dress and not their geographical location upbringing or other traditionally "preppy" characteristic In such cases those described as "preppy" are not in fact preppies
    The term is similar in formation to hippie or yuppie and had great currency in the 1970s and 1980s

    Some notable preparatory schools:

    • The Agnes Irwin School (Rosemount Pennsylvania)
    • The Bryn Mawr School (Baltimore Maryland)
    • The Cate School (Carpinteria California)
    • The Chapin School (New New York])
    • Charlotte Day School] (Charlotte North Carolina)
    • Choate Rosemary Hall (Wallingford Connecticut)
    • Collegiate School (New New York])
    • The Dalton School (New New York])
    • Dana School] (Wellesley Massachusetts)
    • Deerfield Academy (Deerfield Massachusetts)
    • The Episcopal Academy (Merion Pennsylvania)
    • Episcopal High School (Alexandria Virginia)
    • Foxcroft School (Middlesburg Virginia)
    • The Gilman School (Baltimore Maryland)
    • Groton School (Groton Massachusetts)
    • Hawken School (Gates Mill Ohio)
    • The Hockaday School (Dallas Texas)
    • The Hotchkiss School (Lakeville Connecticut)
    • The Latin School of Chicago (Chicago Illinois)
    • Lawrence Academy at Groton (Groton Massachusetts)
    • The Lawrenceville School (Lawrenceville New Jersey)
    • The Lovett School (Atlanta Georgia)
    • The Madeira School (Greenway Virginia)
    • Mary Institute Day School] (St Louis Missouri)
    • McCallie School (Chattanooga Tennessee)
    • Middlesex School (Concord Massachusetts)
    • Milton Academy (Milton Massachusetts)
    • Miss Porter's School (Farmington Connecticut)
    • Morristown-Beard School (Morristown NJ)
    • The Pembroke Hill School (Kansas City Missouri)
    • Phillips Academy (Andover Massachusetts)
    • Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter New Hampshire)
    • St Mark's School of Texas (Dallas Texas)
    • St Paul's School (Concord New Hampshire)
    • The Trevor Day School (New New York])
    • The Winsor School (Boston Massachusetts)
    • Woodberry School] (Woodberry Virginia])

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