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    Radionics is a pseudoscience dating back to the 1900's that is based on the theory that all life has certain vibrations and harmonics on which it operates.
    A healthy person will have certain energy frequencies moving through their body that define health, while an unhealthy person will exhibit other, unnatural energy frequencies that define their health disorders. Radionic devices are purported to diagnose and cure ailments by finding the bad frequencies and applying alternate healing frequencies.

    Types of radionic devices

    There are two main types of radionic devices. The first is simply an analysis tool, to determine what is wrong with the subject being diagnosed. The second is a treatment tool used to heal or cure the subject of whatever ails them. These two may also be combined into a single device.
    The typical radionics analysis device has a metal cup referred to as the well, a large collection of knobs numbered 0 to 9 on each dial, and a metal plate referred to as the stick plate. A cable may also be used to attach a sensor plate to the body of an afflicted person.
    A radionics treatement device has all the base components of the analysis device, plus additional wells to be used to hold the material used to heal the subject. It may also have a power cord to help provide a base frequency rate to send the healing rate into the patient.

    Diagnostic usage

    To operate this device, a sample material is placed in the well, such as blood, saliva, or urine. The knobs act as a decade counter, to determine the primary frequency at which the sample is vibrating. The stick plate is the human component, and is operated by the analyst who drags a finger across the stick plate while adjusting the knobs.
    As the knobs are adjusted, there is a point where their finger sticks more firmly to the plate than at any other settings. This referred to as "getting the stick." This point of greatest sticking is the setting for that knob. The analyst then moves on to adjusting the next knob to the point of greatest stick, and so on, until all knobs have been adjusted. The final readout across all knobs is the rate for the sample material.
    This method of operation makes its use highly subjective, since it depends on an analyst experienced with moving their hands across the stick plate and knowing what the sensations mean.

    Mystical means of operation

    Radionic devices do not make any sense according to normal theories of biology or electricity. It could to be said to be mystical or magical in operation.
    The power of radionics is in the rates or frequencies it measures and then feeds back to the patient. Although a healing substance can be directly used to feed healing frequencies back into the patient, the substance is not actually needed if its healing frequency rate is known.
    Internally, a radionic device is wired very simply, and may not even form what mainstream science would call a complete circuit. In radionics, the wiring in the analysis device is simply used to conduct the frequencies from the well, across the measurement knobs, and to the stick plate. No actual electrical current flows.
    A radionic device does not actually use or need electric power, though a power cord may be provided so that the power line can provide a "base rate" on which the device operates to heal a subject.
    Typically, no attempt is made to define or describe what is flowing across the wires and is being measured. The energy could possibly be orgone or chi, but whatever it is, it does not follow any mainstream scientific theories of electrical energy.