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Roemheld syndrome

    Originally termed "Roemheld-Techlenburg-Ceconi-Syndrome" Roemheld Syndrom or RS, it is used to characterize a gastrocardiac symptom complex first described by Ludwig Roemheld (1871-1938): Characterized by pressure in the epi-gastric region it is believe this leads to elevation of the diaphragm and secondary displacement of the heart causing stimulation of the vagus nerve and a variety of cardiac symptoms eg sinus bradycardia arrythmia etc
    This is complemented by gastro-coronary reflexes with "functional cardiovascular symptoms" similar to chest-pain on the left side and irradiation to the left shoulder dyspnea sweating up to angina pectoris -like attacks with extrasystoles drop of blood pressure and tachycardia (high heart beat) Typically there are no changes / abnormalities related in the EKG detected


    Ludwig Roemheld characterized this particular syndrome shortly before his death one of his research topics around this time was the effects of calorie intake on the heart IN the US Roemheld there isn't any publishing or research under the anem roemheld syndrome and as such most cases remain undiagnosed German publishing on the subject remains untranslated as of 2009

    Common Causes

    Enteric DiseaseExcessive gas in the transverse colonHiatal HerniaCardiac Bridging