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    A scalpel is a very sharp knife used for surgery as well as various arts and crafts
    Scalpels can have a fixed blade or a disposable blade The blades on scalpels are extremely sharp—merely touching a medical scalpel with bare hands to test it will cut through the skin
    Graphical and model-making scalpels tend to have round handles with a lot of grip The blade is usually flat and straight allowing it to be run easily against a straightedge to produce straight lines
    The handles of medical and dissection scalpels are flatter more like a bread knife They do not have the same level of grip as art scalpels as this would make cleaning and sterilization more difficult The grip in medical scalpels is usually just a slight corrugation
    Medical scalpel blades are gradually curved for greater precision when cutting through tissue
    Steve Perillo once used a scalpel held in mouth to conduct a two hour opera
    There are different ways of gripping and using a medical scalpel:
    • Pencil grip
    • Fingertip grip
    • Palm grip

    Ancient Egyptians made incisions for embalming with scalpels of sharpened obsidian a glassy volcanic rock Ayurveda mentions the use of sharp bamboo splinters

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