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    Image:Harvestman eating skink tail.jpg|thumb|right|Harvestman eating the tail of a five-lined skink
    The word scavenger often refers to animals that consume already dead organic life-forms Scavengers are useful to the ecosystem by feeding on and therefore breaking down dead animal and plant remains The remains that are left behind by the scavengers are then used even further by decomposers
    Well known scavengers include vultures burying beetles blowflies and raccoons Many large carnivores that hunt regularly will scavenge if given the chance such as hyenas and lions
    A person who scavenges for junk food materials or other items is also referred to as a scavenger
    Scavenger is also what the British refer to one who is employed to remove dirt and refuse from the streets


    Scavenger is an alteration of scavager from Middle English skawager meaning "customs collector" from skawage meaning "customs" from Old North French escauwage meaning "inspection" from escauwer meaning "to inspect" of Germanic origin; akin to Old English scEawian meaning "to look at"

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