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The Great Australian Camel Race

    The Great Australian Camel Race was an event held in 1988 and is said to have been to date the longest animal endurance race ever held This event was the result of the Australian millionaire Arthur Earle who wanted to recognise the positive impact that camels had on the development of Australia and the highlight the importance these animals had in the exploration and transport needs in the central Australian deserts whilst raising funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service The race was 3236 klm's long (2025 Miles) spanning from the centre of Australia starting at Ayers Rock to the East Coast of Australia ending on the Beautiful Gold Coast The race was broken down into six legs each comprising of check points in between The event was run like a car rally where each competitior was timed on how long it took to complete a leg Each leg as detailed in the Australasian geographical magazine Geo Volume 11 number 3 were as follows
    Leg 1: Ayers Rock to Alice Springs (Northern Territory)Leg 2: Alice Springs to Boulia (Northern Territory to Queensland)Leg 3: Boulia to Longreach (Queensland)Leg 4: Longreach to Charleville (Queensland)Leg 5: Charleville to Dalby(Queensland)Leg 6: Dalby to GoldCoast (Queensland)
    (Included in this edition is documentation of some of the overall winners distances travelled noting that he would cover 100klm's a day with ease)
    For three months competitors battled disease floods and competitor arguments as the mix of people in the event varied greatly Australia's elite SASR (Special Air Service Regiment which came second overall) along with the armies regular troopscompetitors from the United States Australia's leading camel handlers and ex marathon runners entered the event totalling 69 competitorsA total of 28 competitors completed the event with details of finishing times for first second and third place as below (Scanned documents will be added to include all competitors)
    (Extracted from the Sheretons Great Australian Camel Race Final Results) Competitor Time / Hours Camel
    1 Gordon O'Connell 480 Hrs Carla2 SASR 514 Hrs Zodiac Mindwarp3 Steve French 542 Hrs DC
    Calculating these times into a 24 hour period then gaining an average of distance travelled daily equates to Gordon O'Connel taking 20 days in total time to complete covering 168klm's every 24hrs as an average
    Gordon O'Connell won The Great Australian Camel race by approximatly 34 Hrs ahead of his competitor