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Very flare

    '''Very flares''' (named after E W. Very 1847–1907 US inventor) were Flare (pyrotechnic)|signal flares fired from a hand-gun used during World War I and World War II (and still used today) They were produced in three color variants: green red and "white Pyrotechnic star|star" The flares come in two sizes 265 millimeter|mm and 38 mm; both sizes have a "burn time" of ~5 Second|s
    When radio silence was important aircraft and ground forces used the flares in colour combinations as specific-action signals and recognition signals
    A typical WWII-era box of flares contained 10 shell (fired from a Very flare pistol) and the value of a period box (with flares) is currently (2003) ~$80


    • "Rockets and Very flares trailing their long red tails were fired at the brightening wisp of yellow shining palely now on the obsidian seas silently rolling over fleets of sunken ships and armies of drowned men and untold stores of treasure lost forever" (Leckie - p3)


    • The Saga of World War II by Robert Leckie (1987)