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XXYY syndrome

    '''48XXYY syndrome''' is a sex chromosome anomaly It affects one in every 17000 boys who are born It was previously considered to be a variation of Klinefelter's syndrome Common features include tall stature gynecomastia truncal obesity skin ulcers and a craniofacial dysmorphism described as a "Pugilism|pugilistic" facial appearance
    The first published report (Muldal & Ockey 1960) of a boy with a 48XXYY karyotype was by Sylfest Muldal and Charles H. Ockey in Manchester England in 1960 It was found in a 15-year-old mentally retarded boy who had signs of Klinefelter syndrome

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    • Muldal S, Ockey CH (1960) The "double male": a new chromosome constitution in Klinefelter's syndrome Lancet Aug 27; 2:492-3

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